The Forgetting Tide
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Opening with a long tale whose threads are all unravelled yet gradually weave together again. Starting with a family tragedy that becomes mixed with the sad determination of the family's children and some rather fey relatives, the historical tapestry is re woven from Karelia to South West France and takes our family of unsuspecting heroes on a journey which will draw them into an age-old drama involving the Church, the Cathars and themselves and which resolves a mystery famous the world over. Then various shifts through intense family relationships that results in an unexpected garden make-over! Or take a look at a priest with a problem and the ultimate solution to it – and move on to the classic 'rites of passage' tale where a young West Country boy becomes more than the man he had hoped to be! The first of a collection of tales both odd and intriguing this will stir old memories and leave you with both questions, and answers.
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