The Lady Gaga Quiz Book
So you think you know all about Lady Gaga from her early successes through to her current domination of the world music scene? But do you know her real name or how she got started in the music business? What about the lyrics to her songs or the influences behind her distinctive fashion choices? Find out how much you really know about the unique Ms Gaga with the 100 challenging questions in this brilliant quiz book. This book is packed with fascinating facts that cover all aspects of the singer-songwriter’s life from chart topping hits, memorable lyrics, awards and accolades to less well known personal details, so you are sure to learn something new about your favourite pop star. The Lady Gaga Quiz Book is a fitting tribute to the woman who has taken the music industry by storm and in 2010 was dubbed by Forbes as one of the most powerful celebrities in the world today. There is only one Lady Gaga and this is the must-have reference guide for all of her fans.
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