ELLIE AND MARGE are two wealthy, middle aged sisters who live in New York City. They travel every year on the continent, taking their annual vacation and on this particular occasion they decide to take their niece ROSIE with them, since Rosie's mother has recently died and Ellie and Marge want to show their appreciation for the way she cared for her mother during her last painful illness. Ellie is a widow and Marge has been divorced after her husband ALEX has run off with a younger woman. Rose is single and is not particularly looking for a husband, but Ellie and Marge are certainly looking for her ... Now it has always been the practice of the ’girls’ (Ellie and Marge) whenever they went abroad, to play a little innocent game of flirtation; harmless fun, of course, where they would change their names to enhance the mystique that they felt was theirs in the time of vacation. They were carefree and young again, with the world at their feet. Diamonds weren't the only things that a girl could call her best friend. Oh no ... Alimony and a well invested death insurance helped.
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