Are you an expert on Rotherham United Football Club? Do you impress family and friends with your knowledge of the Millers? Now you can find out just how much you really know about your favourite football team with the 800 challenging questions in this quiz book. With sections covering all aspects of the club’s history including managers, players, transfer fees, opponents, kit, wins, draws and losses, you’ll be racking your brains as you strive to remember all those important facts and figures that have formed an important part of the Millers past. With a fitting foreword by Paul Hurst this book is sure to bring back fond memories of many special footballing moments and is guaranteed to provide hours or entertainment but be prepared for one or two surprises as some of those lesser known facts about the club are revealed. The Official Rotherham United Quiz Book is a must have for Millers fans of all ages whether you want to show off to your mates in the pub or simply learn more about your local team.
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