The Postwoman’s Sexy Secrets - Erotic Short Story
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Miss Moström is the town’s postwoman, a virgin spinster. But behind her tidy bun and severe exterior, there's a dream about something else. One day, she finds a pile of dirty magazines addressed to the town’s priest, and they awaken her slumbering lust. She soon makes a decision: she will learn from the women in the magazines, and she will seduce a man.
The postwoman’s sexy secrets is a short story about pent-up desire. Even the most rigid exteriors can hide hot and vibrating sensations and fantasies. Britta Bocker is a pseudonym for an author who enjoys letting her short stories take place in bygone eras. In a time with strict boundaries between the various tiers of society, and where men were always in charge, both power struggles and erotic tension arise.
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