The Redacted Sherlock Holmes - Volume 4
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Five more sizzlingly scandalous Sherlock Holmes stories from the pen of Orlando Pearson - The Baron of Wimbledon: Holmes averts an injustice and makes a dramatic self-discovery - On Consistent Luck: What an enables an industry to enjoy constant good fortune? Sherlock Holmes shows how - Variations on an Enigma: Holmes unravels one Enigma and analyses another - A Study in Red, White and Blue: A diplomatic coup after a divisive vote on a European Alliance - The Hounding of Peers Baskerville: Is the Hound back on Dartmoor? Holmes and Watson investigate Mr Pearson mixes the canon with elite sport, business high jinks, a musical mystery, a literary mystery, Realpolitik and, in The Hounding of Peer Baskerville rolls the most famous of all detective stories on twenty years. A must for traditionalists, lovers of mystery, and anyone who likes a rattling good read.
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