The Simply Very Hard Plant Quiz Book
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This is a plant book like no other. This quiz book has been designed to test your knowledge of plants and their association with the world of literature, popular culture, history, sport, politics as well as the more technical aspects of plants and gardening. In the song ‘One man went to mow’ what is the name of his dog? Why were leaves of Camellia sinensis worth their weight in gold in 1838? When should shrubs that flower on wood made in the previous year be pruned? These are just some of the 1,000 challenging questions that can be found in The Simply Very Hard Plant Quiz Book. Some of the answers are straightforward, some more obscure, requiring you to work out the connection between the question and the natural world. Covering a wide range of plant related topics this quiz book is certain to teach you something new about plants and their associations. This is a must-have read for anyone who is interesting in finding out more about plants and their relevance to the world we live in.
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