The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters
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Grab your passport and let the Shergill sisters take you on a journey…

Meet the Shergill Sisters.

The know-it-all, Rajni.
The drama queen, Jezmeen.
The golden child, Shirina.

They have never been close. But their mother’s dying wish was for them to take a pilgrimage across India together, to carry out her final rites. And so, the sisters are thrown together for one last (and very strange) family holiday.

The three women seem to have nothing in common, apart from the fact that each of them has a secret she would prefer to keep hidden. But as one unlikely adventure follows another, it’s not long before they start to realise that they might need each other now more than ever. After all, there are no secrets between sisters…

Readers love the Shergill sisters!

'Fresh, funny and moving'
'A heartwarming story'
'Funny and poignant'
'Wonderfully written'

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