The Way of the Clouds – and of the heart. Striking photos of clouds anticipate each chapter of the text, introducing us to the experiences recounted for us while beautifully expressing the emptiness, the impermanence and ephemerality of material things.

With surprising ease, Bansō rattles off pearls of ancient wisdom. The story of his fascinating inner journey involves us in a feeling of lightness and it opens the world to the idea that ”everything is perfect as it is.” You discover the beauty of the universe outside and inside, the existence of the body, and a way of reflecting on the effect of our mind’s beliefs on our choices.

Each episode gives us a lesson in humility and wisdom and will leave you amazed to see that the Universe really gives every person the chance to evolve and grow: just follow the opportunities that life presents, without hesitation.

Bansō (the Zen name of Vincenzo Pane) has met many special people in his long life because he had the courage to follow an inner voice that led him exactly to where he should be.
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