The World with a Thousand Moons is a science fiction novella by American author Edmond Hamilton first published in Amazing Stories 1942.

Grim death was the only romance to be found on this world that boasted a thousand moons. There was terrible danger among the moons circling this world, but even greater menace on its surface.

Edmond Moore Hamilton (1904-1977) was a popular science-fiction author during the "Golden Age" of American science fiction.

Hamilton’s career began as a regular and frequent contributor to Weird Tales magazine. The first hardcover publication of Science Fiction stories was a Hamilton compilation, and he and E.E. “Doc” Smith are credited with the creation of the Space Opera type of story.

Hamilton worked for DC Comics authoring many stories for their Superman and Batman characters. Hamilton was instrumental in the early growth of the Legion of Super-Heroes feature, as one of its first regular writers.

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