Treachery In Torquay
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The year is 1905, and residents along the southern coast of England are experiencing a series of tragic events which threaten the serenity of Torquay. The lovely resort city has long been a favorite destination for those individuals seeking a respite from the smoke and noise of many of the industrial cities of England and the “Continent.” Now, however, the townspeople are dealing with a series of brutal crimes, the likes of which they have never seen before! Citizens are living in constant fear. Incidents which have occurred over several months have taken their toll on the collective community psyche, leading to great unrest. What was once an idyllic region has now become a most uncomfortable place in which to live and raise a family. Murder can do that to a community! It is into this dangerous environment that Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson have come. They've been summoned by one of the area's civic leaders who has problems of his own. As they conduct their investigation, they meet a rather unique personality who simply can't keep out of their way. One thing is certain, Torquay will never be the same.
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