Valves & Vixens Volume 2
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In this second volume readers will be taken to far flung places. Within these pages I invite you to explore the many romantic and erotic facets of Steampunk. Covering many styles and pairings these stories offer an insight into a world filled with Valves and of course in many cases Vixens. Clockwork Toys The maiden voyage of a luxury airship provides the time and place for lusty Vanessa to get to know the secretive inventor who designed it. He is hot and she wants a lot more than his autograph. And while that's her goal, he isn't the only desirable conquest from among the people on board. The passengers are a wild group pushing the boundaries of convention just as the airship pushed the technological envelope His Fortnight Man ”Clanks are the new heroes of the British Empire. Men who strap strange metal to their bodies and launch themselves into space. To Marlow, one man stands above the rest--Commander Julius Axton. Marlow wants his desire to be mutual. But would a man such as Axton risk everything, his position, his reputation, for a lowly clank monkey like him? ” Mender Cotton's Daughter It's a tale of blood, lust, and revenge when an outlaw rides into a frontier town under the thumb of a dangerous fanatic. Is he the one to save it, or will the hell that follows in his wake burn it to the ground? Auntie Midnight If you are travelling late in the remote hills of the Middle Kingdom, beware of the ship that sails the air, belching smoke and magic. Beware the strange and powerful crew who will awaken unknown desires in you. You will never be the same. But most of all, beware the magnificent and dangerous Auntie Midnight herself – and hope you will be granted the privilege of sharing her bed. For a time. For the time of your life… Her Humble Servants ”Gillian had almost everything. She was one of the first women to fight for and win the title of Engineer. With her men, she was building the steam car that would make them famous. And she had both of the two men she loved. The only cloud on her horizon was that she had never managed to have both her men at the same time, a failing she dearly wanted to correct.” Night Flight Always beware when a boss offers special assignments. Far in humanity's future on a distant planet, one man's first journey aboard an air ship turns into more excitement than he bargained for. But it's also an experience he'll not soon forget. Be My Doll ”In futuristic Beijing, China, a new star is born in the form of a human doll. Waking up as a human doll, Jia meets her eccentric inventor, Madame Fang, and learns about her fate and that there is more to her destiny than being a toy, but a quest in finding something deeper: her past. ” Emily's Basement Puzzled by an unusual series of thefts from the university’s storerooms, Edward Worthington, an esteemed young professor of the Mechanical Arts, embarks upon a mission to discover the culprit. He is unaware that his entrancing find is destined to change his life forever.
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