Winning Sales Referrals - a step by step process for winning all the sales you could ever want, just from referrals
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Do you want a short cut to lots of new business? 

Do you want to avoid cold calling? 

Do you want to double your sales in a fun and simple way? 

Bruce King is a true master of sales referrals. He has built his immensely successful sales career upon a few simple and highly effective techniques. In this book he shares his very best tips with you. 

Chapter Headings: 
Introduction – Why Sales Referrals? 
Chapter 1. Sales Referrals – The Essential Mathematics 
Chapter 2. Are You Referable? 
Chapter 3. Why Do You Not Ask For Referrals? 
Chapter 4. Perfect Prospect Profiling 
Chapter 5. When & How To Ask For Referrals  – Part 1 
Chapter 6. When & How To Ask For Referrals  – Part 2 
Chapter 7. How To Say ‘Thank You’ For Referrals 
Chapter 8. ‘Thank You’ Events & ‘Referral’ Events 
Chapter 9. How To Approach Referrals 
Chapter 10 Passive Referral Strategies 
Chapter 11. Networking 
Chapter 12.  You Too Can Become A Referrals Master

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