My name is Stone, Mason Stone; I am a blue zone bounty hunter. If you are a High Value Individual (or as we say, HVI) you can run and you may even try to hide, but I will acquire you dead or alive… the choice is yours! Do you remember when the world was made up of continents? Well, on the 20th day of the 10th month 2030 (10/20/30) the world went to war when Iran launched a nuclear strike on Israel. On the 31st October 2030, eleven days into the conflict, the world just managed to step back from likely Armageddon. By the 8th December that year, the world map had changed forever; continents no longer existed and the world was divided into four zones: blue, red, yellow and white. When the war ended, extradition treaties that had been in place for many years simply ceased to exist. On the 15th January 2031, the blue zone countries created a judicial body, officially called The Justice Section. We call it Jay-Sec. A new justice for a new world.
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