Do you support Blackburn Rovers? Are you an expert on all the important players and managers who have shaped the club’s glorious past? Can you recall all those memorable matches from days gone by? If so, why not find out how many questions you can answer about your favourite football club with this exciting new quiz book? The Blackburn Quiz Book has been carefully compiled to test your memory of The Rovers over the years. How much do you really know about Alan Shearer, Simon Garner and Jason Wilcox? The time has come to find out and, with 250 questions covering all aspects of Blackburn’s history including club honours and records, legendary players, top goalscorers, famous opponents, wins, draws and losses, you are certain to learn something new about the team. Full of fascinating facts, this quiz book is guaranteed to prove a hit with football fans of all ages and is a must-have guide for all Rovers supporters and anyone interested in finding out more about this successful Premier League club.
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