Boys Will be Boys
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Five hot man-on-man short stories involving cowboys, trespassers and a thankful gypsy eager to show his appreciation to a kind priest. Trespassing – Lucy Felthouse Jack Hiddleston is walking in the woodlands of his father's estate when he comes across a trespasser. He quickly realises there's no malice in the other man's actions, but as he gets to know Ben Kiddell, Jack realises that, far from kicking Ben off the Hiddleston estate, he never wants him to leave. The Forgiven – V.C. A gypsy boy finds sanctuary in the Notre Dame cathedral where a priest saves him from being arrested from stealing a loaf of bread. The gypsy repays him with pleasure; the priest repays him with so much more. Dirty in Denim – Jillian Boyd When Steven’s housemate Anna hires a sexy handyman to fix up their place, it’s lust at first sight. Soon, hunky Michael is the only thing in Steven’s fantasies, and trying to concentrate when a fit man in tight jeans is painting your kitchen proves not to be the only hard thing about the situation… Natural Attraction – Sasha Distan Wesley Thompson is a displaced and rather unhappy Louisiana cowboy. Living the New Jersey suburbs gives him no pleasure, except for his daily ritual of sitting on his tailgate by the local reservoir and wishing he was home. The highlight of this activity: the beautiful boy and his horse who ride by each afternoon. After one horrible day at work when the boy fails to appear and falls from his horse, Wesley decides that it is the time for action, and goes after what his heart wants Bad Boy Bound – Charlie J Forrest Chris gets a lift to a business meeting from a colleague (Richard). They have flirted before and en-route they play out a kidnap fantasy involving handcuffs. This culminates in Chris giving Richard a blowjob in the front seat of a parked van.
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