A Damned Good Rogering
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Spanning the adult ambit, this collection of steamy short stories from erotica superstar Roger Frank Selby is sure to suit all tastes, no matter how hot. Treat yourself to A Damned Good Rogering this season, courtesy of Roger Frank Selby and House of Erotica. The stories include: Catch of the Night A spectacularly sexy science fiction tale. On a waterworld with no continents, the female descendents of the crew of a crashed starship have genetically adapted faster to the aquatic conditions while the men lag behind. And on such a world, drastic mating methods are required! The Farmer's Gun Farmer Johnson is concered. Farmhand Tom seems a bit slow, but Mrs Johnson finds him well up to the mark. She discovers a use for him, aleviating the pressure of milk over-production after she breast feeds. After a close call relieving Tom’s pressure in the cowshed, she delays further adventures until her husband is away. But come market day, farmer Johnson returns unexpectedly... Up Periscope! When an attractive female officer helicoptered aboard a submarine at sea triggers the security alarm, just who among the all-male crew is to perform the mandatory full strip-search? It turns out that two marine NCOs are required - but is this something Lieutenant Laura Lacey knows already? Thou Shalt Not Covet Jake can't believe his luck when a plumbing emergency gets him inside his sexy neighbour's house while the other half's at work, especially when something as simple as wet feet leads to strange but encouraging behaviour on her part. Heavenly poolside frolics with the neighbour's partner become complicated on her husband's return from Germany - with an equally stunning fraulein! Milking and Spanking Mrs Goodbody Ms Goodbody is Mr and Mrs Brown's favourite bed and breakfast landlady until they find out that she has committed a violation of their privacy while the couple perform their exotic lovemaking! Clearly some appropriate punishment is in order befitting the landlady’s outstanding physical attributes. The couple soon discover her ability to supply milk from her large breasts. On the way, the voluptuous landlady helps the couple advance a few boundaries of their own, in this outrageous threesome adventure.
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