Evil Without a Face
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An Obsessed and Haunted Bounty Hunter

Jessica Beckett uncovers a cyber trail for a covert operation linked to missing teens, but she’s faced with an uphill battle to prove it. Local cops mark her for targeting their lead snitch, a low-life sex peddler. And infringing on her world is a determined man she finds impossible to resist.

A Man Plagued by Personal Demons

Former NFL quarterback Payton ‘Iceman’ Archer’s niece Nikki is abducted by an online predator and the law isn’t much help. In desperation, Payton makes a promise-one he may be unable to keep-to find his sister’s only child before it’s too late. But Nikki is a pawn in a deadlier game.

An Impossible Rescue…

The mysterious enterprise behind the abduction is harboring a dark secret-a one-way ticket for anyone seduced by its Web Lies.

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