Forest Fantasies
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Escape into your wildest fantasies with House of Erotica’s latest collection featuring naughty nymphs, flirtatious fairies and a whole host of other-worldly beings. Naughty Nymphs - Mr Sky When Seb gets lost in the woods, the last thing he expects to see are two nymphs having fun in the water. And he really can't believe his luck when they ask if he wants to play... The Woodwife's Proposal - M. Marie Although he grew up hearing countless folktales warning about the dangers posed by the creatures that protect the woods beyond their village, an injured woodsman is unprepared for the true nature of the mysterious daughters of the forest when he unknowingly catches the attention of a seemingly sweet woodwife. Effortlessly, she lures him away from the safety of his campfire and, after taking an intimate measure of the man, offers him an unexpected proposal. The Secret Picnic - Ralph Greco A fairy describes her affair with a troll-and how to hide it-as the annual FOLK picnic approaches. The Woodsman - Anna Sky The Woodsman was a solitary man of the forest who found himself far from home on a cold and wet night. When a kindly stranger invited him in he gratefully accepted and found there were unexpected consequences. Witch’s Daughter - Erin Pim In this forest fantasy, we follow Wisteria: a young, beautiful orphan, left to the devices of her domineering grandmother, the all-knowing Forest Witch. When Wisteria falls in love with a boy from the rivaling Elf Village, her grandmother does everything in her power to stop Zinc, the elf boy, from taking Wisteria’s virginity. Teenage hormones raging, the young Wisteria must find a way to be with her true love; in heart, and body.
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