The Golden Strangers
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This novel is set in the period in which Stonehenge was built. It tells the story of the invasion of the Southern country of Britain by the Golden Strangers, the men of the Sun from across the seas who come in search of fresh pastures. The invaders are turned back from the Village on the Hill, Craig Dun, by Garroch, the young Chieftain of the primitive and terror-ridden community.

But his triumph is short-lived, for he falls under the sensual spell of Isca, the golden-haired princess who rides with the invaders.
Set at a vital cross-roads in history, this is the story of a young Prince of the dawn world, his henchmen and his woman. It shows the triumph of the fair-haired nomads from the North.

The Golden Strangers  is a simple, direct and very moving story; and it is one that should be told, for it is the beginning of the story of Britain, of primitive Britain and the dark savage people who were conquered by THE GOLDEN STRANGERS.
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