How to Create High Converting Lead Magnet That Sucks In Subscribers
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In this Business Execution Plan series, you will learn how to create a high converting ”Lead Magnet”, that is, a freebie that you giveaway in exchange for your visitor's email address so they become a subscriber.

But first, let me tell you why you need a Lead Magnet

There are 2 reasons:
1. Email marketing is still king. Your email list will easily become one of your top traffic sources and most profitable sales channel. You can literally send an email and get traffic and sales on demand.
2. Web visitors no longer ”subscribe for updates” any more. Your visitors want a benefit for joining your list. They want to get a problem solved. So that's what your Lead Magnet does.

The following email marketing Statistics prove why email marketing is King (Google them)! 91% of consumers in the US check their email every day. 66% of consumers in the US below the age of 15 made at least one purchase in the last year as a result of an email. 71% consumers aged 45-54 have made an online purchase because of email. Almost 88% of US companies believe that the ROI of acquiring new email subscribers is worth the cost. 64% of decision makers read their emails via mobile. Over 70% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by email. Revenue contribution from email marketing is the highest ever:  increased from 18 percent to over 20 percent of overall revenue in 2017 as compared to 2016. The Email Ad revenue in 2012 exceeded $155 million. 17% difference in value between email conversions and social media conversions. Now you see why email marketing is important and why a lead magnet is necessary. I'm providing you after sales support so you can contact me directly if you need further help. This is to ensure you succeed in your email campaigns. The faster you succeed, the happier I am.

So don't procrastinate. Order my book right now, and let me walk you through the little-known but very simple process of creating high converting Lead Magnets that suck in subscribers ready to throw their money at You!
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