If your idea of hat-tricks is pulling bunnies out of top hats, then you’re more likely to end up running away with your tails between your legs in search of a book of spells, which could in fact be what you need in order conjure up the answers to the 800 tricky questions about Stockport County Football Club - unless, of course, you’re fanatically as mad as a hatter. Questions cover every aspect of the club’s long history, throughout all competitions, from memorable players, notable managers, coveted honours and magical wins, to tenacious opponents, hard-fought battles and the odd crushing defeat that no amount of wand waving can change. Prepare to be fascinated and amazed by a treasure trove of facts and figures that will trigger wonderful recollections and provide hours of entertainment for friends and family of all ages. If you feel as though you’re wearing a dunce’s hat as you delve into your memory’s archives, rest assured that by the end you’ll be a walking, or possibly dribbling, fount of knowledge.
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