The Official Walsall Football Club Quiz Book
Are you a fan of Walsall Football Club? Never missed a match? Have you picked up lots of little known facts about The Saddlers along the way? Then the time has come to find out how much you really know about your favourite team with The Official Walsall Football Club Quiz Book. The 800 questions contained within these pages, some easy, some more challenging, have been put together to test your memory of the people and places that have shaped the club’s long and interesting history. With sections about all aspects of the game including players, managers, opponents, transfers, final scores, club honours, wins, draws and losses, this book is certain to have you disputing points with your friends and family to find out who really knows the most about The Saddlers. A fitting tribute to Walsall Football Club, this book is packed with information and is as educational as it is entertaining. A must have for all dedicated Walsall fans but just as certain to score a hit with football enthusiasts everywhere.
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