Once Upon a Time
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Delve into this collection of wickedly erotic takes on some of the much-loved fairy tale classics The Maiden Cinderella by A.J. Roman Cinderella thought she was the only girl in town not going to the palace tonight for the prince's birthday party, until she found the magic she needed from her own fairy godmother. Soon, she finds herself at the palace, alone with the prince, having a celebration all their own. Unfortunately, her magical evening ended too soon, but not before the prince decided one taste was not enough, and he would not stop until he found her to finish what they started. Richard Whittington and his Cat by Slave Nano In a twisted take on Dick Whittington and Puss in Boots, local politician Richard Whittington’s life changes when his new PA, Catherine Perrault, enters his life. She persuades him to stand in the elections for mayor of London. Cat becomes Dick’s political adviser and campaign manager and, by means of blackmail, seduction and entrapment, she runs a remarkably successful campaign. Will Cat and Dick pull off the political sensation of the age? And what is Cat’s real motivation behind the support for her protégé? Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Redux by John Bauer Goldilocks, an adult woman, finds intimacy with men barely satisfying. Then a witch casts a spell, she gets lost in a storm, and her re-told tale bears a different outcome. A Curious Encounter by M. Marie Upon returning to Wonderland years after her first great adventure, Alice is finding the magical location no less baffling or confusing. Lost and dismayed, she resorts to her childhood habit of speaking aloud to herself to try and calm her mounting frustration. However, while a certain grinning feline looks on, it's an unseen stranger - with a stern, yet oddly familiar voice - that holds the key to reigning in Alice's emotions and taking control of the spiralling situation. Babes in the Woods by Vanessa de Sade A fierce blizzard is raging as Babes finds herself abandoned in the woods by her father's new girlfriend. Lost in the darkness, she stumbles upon the enticing cottage of the voluptuous Thrift Store Lady, but all is not as it seems as she strips to bathe in the house's warm and scented interior, especially when a virile young buck called Wolfgang appears on the scene…
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