Oz the Wiz
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Oz the Wiz
They call me Oz the Wiz,
You’ll know who I am,
You can follow the yellow road,
It’ll lead you to my humble abode
The city’s green,
Just like the money I’ll be making,
I’m the lord of the land,
The one that’s in charge of the end
I’m the wiz, Oz the Wiz,
Follow the yellow road you won’t regret it
There’s flying monkeys in the air,
You ought to be careful of flying here
Little Dorothy lived in Kanas once,
But here is where she found the fun
Cross the wide river where is the deadly poppy field,
Most of all, look for the Wicked Witch
Just follow the road of yellow,
And you’ll meet me, the all-powerful
I am the wiz, Oz the Wiz,
The fun starts when you find me.
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