Perfect Proportions
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A delightful mix of five titillating tales to tickle your fancy. Perfect Proportions - Nicole Gestalt Working as a life-model Colleen meets a lot of people. On the most recent job she finds herself attracted to the artist teaching the class. To her surprise she reciprocates and once the class has left she finds herself becoming a canvas for the artist. Butterfingers - Lucy Felthouse Louise is busy in the kitchen, mixing up some butter cream ready to make a sponge. She’s so engrossed in her task that when her husband, Simon, arrives home, she doesn’t hear him come in. Startling her produces some fun results, which quickly morph into sexy fun that mean the couple will never look at cake mix in the same way again. A Feast for His Eyes - Anna Sky Would you be a human dessert tray at a private banquet? Lying perfectly still whilst covered in fleshy fruit, sticky honey and lashings of chocolate sauce was hard enough for one submissive, but then her Dom really turned up the heat. More Holes than Jeans - Sommer Marsden The Gundersons make a sexual appetizer out of some lucky girl every year on their vacation. When Amy shows up for a casual day at the restaurant wearing a tight pair of jeans, featuring more holes than actual denim, she finds out that she is the one on this year’s menu. Filled with Christmas Spirit - Annabeth Leong Caroline wants to stay in, but Marcus wants to go out and celebrate the Christmas spirit. Together they create a supremely kinky experience.
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