Sell Low, Sweet Harriet
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Sarah Winston’s garage-sale business has a new client: the daughter of a couple who recently died in a tragic accident while away on a trip to Africa. Their house is full of exotic items from around the world that need to be sold off. When Sarah learns that the deceased were retired CIA agents, the job becomes more intriguing—but when an intruder breaks in and a hidden camera is found, it also becomes more dangerous. And Sarah has enough on her plate right now—especially since she’s investigating a murder on the side at the nearby Air Force base, where her status as a former military spouse gives her a special kind of access. With so much work piling up, Sarah decides to hire some help, and her new assistant, a former FBI hostage negotiator, ends up being perfect. She has a rare talent for salesmanship—which is good—because Sarah may need help haggling for her life.
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