LoLo Star just wants to fit in. She loves to dance in the Low Heavens, but the other stars make fun of her because her shine is so dim. But one day, LoLo Star meets a very different star who has a very special task for LoLo Star.
Shine So Bright is the delightful Christmas story about a little star named LoLo Star. The High Stars make fun of LoLo Star because she doesn't shine so bright. When the Naughty North Wind blows LoLo Star out into Far Heaven LoLo Star feels sad and thinks her star-shine is no good.
Then she is visited by Mr. Moon who brings a very special message to LoLo Star. Someone is looking for her and has a very important task that only LoLo Star can do. 
What is this wonderful task? 
Huddle with your family around the Christmas Tree or fireplace and enjoy the beautiful story of Shine So Bright. 
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