Silas Marner the Weaver of Raveloe
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Silas Marner is a simple weaver living a reclusive life is a village in the south of England. Falsely accused of theft, he has fled the home of his ancestors. Renounced by his bride-to-be and his former friends, he turns to a singular purpose—the accumulation of gold. Though the earnings from his trade are small, over time his fortune grows. And suddenly his life’s path is altered dramatically. In a short space of time, his gold is stolen and another treasure is discovered. A child appears at his doorstep. Her opium-addicted mother is found dead, and Silas takes the child in as his own. Life has new meaning—true purpose. Years pass. Then, just as suddenly, he and his beloved Eppie are dealt a stunning blow! Her realism is relieved, as in actual life, by love, helpfulness and pathos; by deep sorrow, sufferings patiently borne, and tender sympathy for others' woes.
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