The Story of the Last Trump (Unabridged)
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The Story of the Last Trump is a humorous, symbolic tale with a theological theme, albeit somewhat esoteric. It was first published in 1915 and is the final chapter in a satirical literary work, titled “Boon”. Upon publication the author of the book was given as Reginald Bliss and initially Wells denied being the writer of the work, officially only having written the introduction. However Reginald Bliss was but a Nom de Plume. The book received mixed reviews and did not sell well. However, acclaimed British writer Hugh Walpole expressed his admiration for the “Story of the Last Trump” commenting: “It is a satire so audacious, yet so effective, that it alone should give the book a permanent repute.” Wells, noted for his visionary tales and his keen observations regarding human behavior wrote this story over 100 years ago, yet it appears eerily contemporary. However any parallels that might be detected regarding current circumstances, occurrences, names and issues surely are only guided by the imagination and interpretation of the astute listener...
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