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Camilla Ferrar is a witch with the power to control the weather, but she's completely unprepared for the storm her new boss, Damien Barthe, unleashes in her life…and on her senses.

Camilla 'Cam' Ferrar has the power to control the weather, but she's all alone in the world. She's tried all her life to connect to her witch heritage by attending groups and studying the history of witchcraft. Her new boss, Damien Barthe, shows signs of being her opposite—a witch hunter. But when she confronts him, she finds out that he's actually a witch himself, and on a mission to seek out and neutralise those who are using Wiccan powers for evil purposes.

Damien's mission has brought him to Cam's workplace and she knows that once he's done his job, he will be on his way, but that doesn't stop her from falling for her sexy new boss. Tensions are ratcheted when she's forced to lay off employees due to the recent merger with Damien's company. When one man takes it particular poorly, he starts stalking her…leaving Damien to come to the rescue just as Cam begins to manipulate the weather in her own defence.

In the aftermath of the confrontation, Cam and Damien head back to her place and finish what they had started but never completed before—a night of wild witchery and sex.

With his mission over, will Damien walk out of her life the next morning, or will their explosive connection finally conquer the storm?

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