Thérèse and Germaine, The Eight Strokes of the Clock, The adventures of Arsène Lupin
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The Snowman is maybe one of the most touching stories by Hans Christian Andersen. It is a tale about unrequited love, and an occasion of reflection on the mysteries of existence and passion. In a small winter garden, a snowman glimpses a stove glowing by the window of the nearby house. He soon falls in love, and longs for the stove's companionship despite the warnings of his friend, the dog, who say the stove's heat would melt him. Poignant and lyrical, this tale explains how it feels to be lovesick; it is a musing on impossible liaisons, and gives the occasion of an explanation why it is that we may be drawn to someone in particular. This classic story will inspire the imagination of young children and prepare them to understand the subtleties of attachment. Narrated in a warm and lively way, it will make for a perfect bedtime story, or entertain your children at any hour of the day.
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