Hiring people who have served time in prison is not only a good cause, it should be a crucial part of your hiring strategy if you want to stay competitive. 

It’s time for businesses everywhere to open their minds to second chance hiring practices. With tens of millions of people in the U.S. with criminal records, companies that successfully implement second chance hiring practices will have a massive competitive advantage over those that do not. 

Untapped Talent makes the business case for second chance hiring. From a credible source— the chief investment strategist of one of the country’s leading business banks—this book speaks directly to business leaders to explain the economic case for considering alternative sources of employees. It also shows why companies utilizing second chance hiring enjoy a competitive advantage. Throughout, it will include dozens of examples of businesses (from factories to restaurants to retail) which have successfully implemented this strategy. 

This book will help you: 

Understand what goes into a successful second chance hire, from the support that will be needed internally to the resources that are available from outside agencies.Learn how businesses from a variety of industries have instituted successful second chance hiring programs and how this has positively impacted their culture and bottom line.Gain practical onboarding and coaching strategies that will help ensure a smooth transition and a productive, happy new employee.

Figures and appendixes are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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