A Beginner's Guide to Personal Construct Therapy with Children and Young People
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This is an introduction to using a Personal Construct Therapy approach with children and young people. It will be most useful to professionals who already have some knowledge of Personal Construct Psychology and would like to know more about the practicalities of therapy. It might also be a starting point for readers who are trying to find out about therapy styles and want to see what a PCP therapist might do.
This book includes details that are not available in other texts.  Heather Moran draws attention to issues around referrals, setting up for therapy and measuring progress.  There is an explanation of what happens at the start, middle and end of an episode of Personal Construct Therapy.  The book ends with some thoughts about how to write about the therapeutic work.  Sample letters and explanations are included. There are also explanations for six Personal Construct techniques which can be used in sessions, including two newly developed and previously unpublished techniques, The Belgrade Difficult Experience Comic Strip Technique and The Super Simple Role Grid.
Heather Moran is a clinical and educational psychologist with 40 years experience of working with children, adolescents, their parents and teachers.  She has delivered workshops and conference presentations about her therapeutic work and has had a number of journal publications.  Her Drawing the Ideal Self technique has been used in therapy and research to explore the personal views of children and young people: www.drawingtheidealself.co.uk.  Heather teaches on the Coventry Constructivist Centre’s Personal Construct Psychology foundation course and is a visiting lecturer at the universities of Birmingham, Coventry and Warwick.
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