Bid The Past Farewell
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Set at a time before Brexit and Ireland's peace process, Australian journalist Steve Kennedy travels to London for a vacation after losing his job. The holiday is two-fold: to do some sightseeing and to catch up with a former colleague Jill Redmond who has been working in the English capital. Steve has always liked Jill, and he secretly hopes a relationship might develop between them. The vacation starts to turn sour when London is hit by a series of bombings. There are further complications when one of Jill's journalist colleagues Emma Barrett suddenly vanishes. While doing their own investigative reporting, Steve and Jill meet a strange Irishman named Eamon O'Reilly who claims to be Emma's boyfriend. Steve and Jill try to stay one step ahead of the terrorists while they search for Emma, all the time unsure whether O'Reilly himself can be trusted.
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