Desired Discipline: Part Two Box Set
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The Desired Discipline series: Part Two

Bondage Seduction

Master Ted tries to keep it purely sexual. He says he doesn’t want a relationship, but Meri has other plans…

Even in a room full of friends, Ted often feels alone. As the black sheep of the family, he’s never measured up to the expectations of others so he’s stopped trying. Expecting to and okay with spending the rest of his life alone, he’s thrown himself into his business. He spends his days managing the sex toy division of DiscipliNation and his evenings in the kink club.

Meri is a home-grown girl and plans to stay that way. While she tries to please those around her, she refuses to be pressured into anything she doesn’t want to do. After an ego-devastating divorce, she discovers a passion for BDSM. She’s ready to start again.

Although fireworks erupt at their very first meeting, Ted knows better than to give his heart to an overachiever like Meri. He valiantly tries to keep his distance, but her allure goes deeper than a purely sexual attraction. Meri ignites his passion and yet, in her company he experiences a peace he’s never enjoyed before.

Ted sets Meri’s panties on fire until he orders her to stop wearing them. Meri falls hard and fast for the tall, dark Dom. He tells her up front that a relationship isn’t part of his plans, but Meri has her own agenda. 


Bondage Included

André would do just about anything to please Adriana, but the one thing she needed, he couldn’t give.

Adriana has it bad for André, a consummate bachelor. He owns a kink club and often jokes he’ll die single with a flogger in one hand and a whip in the other.

Their instant spark turns into a smoldering fury when she learns he has three live-in trainees. She has no intentions of being one of many. She is a one man kind of girl and she demands the same in return.

André is equally intrigued by the black-haired beauty. Though he has three women, ready and willing to please his every whim, he can’t stop fantasising about Adriana. She invades his thoughts and dreams. He enjoys their crazy, non-sequitur conversations. He looks for ways to make her smile. Yet, despite his desire, André knows he can never be what Adriana needs.

When a situation arises and Adriana suddenly has André all to herself for nearly four months, she’ll stop at nothing to land her man. Though she lacks his experience, Adriana has more than one surprise up her sleeve. Will she be the woman to curb his bachelor ways?


Bondage Unlimited

After Eva gave Giovanni her love and virginity, he was gone. Now he’s back and the torch burns hotter than ever. But can love grow without trust?

Back in college, it wasn’t love at first sight. Though Eva Anderson was attracted to the sexy, confident Giovanni Parma, she didn’t trust anyone easily. Gio patiently worked past her every defense. He wooed his way into her heart and her pants. Then, the next morning, he was gone.

Gio knew early on he was a kinky SOB. It was just his luck to fall in love with a straight-laced, vanilla kind of girl. He tried hard to curb his baser instincts—she deserved a romantic, gentle man—but he just couldn’t do it. He knew if he stayed, he’d lead her down his own dark path.

When a chance meeting thrusts them together again, neither can deny the instant and intense magnetism sparking between them. A little older and wiser, Eva decides to explore her sexual fantasies with the ex love of her life. His untamed, no-holds-barred manner of sex wins Gio a place in her bed, but she refuses to let him anywhere near her heart.

Gio must prove he’s worthy of a second chance both in and out of the bedroom.


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