How To Treat Your Damaged Relationship
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The counselor will not do it, revenge will not. What will start you in your repair and treatment is forgiveness! It is love! This is the only way to get the treatment and closure you are looking for! Not with revenge and hatred! This would lead to bitterness and murder both physically and verbally!  Jesus teaches us on how to bring love to everyday life. He spoke to give, but the wrong motivation. He says you shouldn't do it to show or let everyone know what you're giving or how much you're giving.

If you give true love and compassion just because you need it, you don't have to explain it. It's not love, its pride! That's why Paul says, ”Although I give all my wealth to feed the poor, I don't like anything.” If you do not do it out of love for people, your behavior will not be much. If for some other reason it does not sow good seeds.

Toni Best
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