Revenue Growth Engine
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Get a Plan to Grow Revenue Faster!
In Revenue Growth Engine, International Best Selling Author, Darrell Amy presents a strategy to accelerate growth.
Whether you own a company, lead a sales team, or work in marketing, you share the same goal: revenue growth.
In today’s economy, companies need to accelerate revenue growth. Every company has a Revenue Growth Engine. This is the sum of their sales and marketing efforts. The problem is that most engines are not firing on all cylinders. There may even be important cylinders missing. The good news is that when your Revenue Growth Engine is performing with all cylinders firing, you accelerate revenue growth!
In this book, you will quickly see which parts of your company’s growth engine are not performing. You will discover the law of exponential growth and how to accelerate growth with ideal clients. You will find a big picture model for aligning marketing and sales to drive growth. Darrell walks you step by step through how to improve each component of your growth engine.
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