Sparkling: A Box Set
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Sparkling – the complete box set

1 - Sparkling Stilettos Chasing dreams can be tough, even when you run as fast as your bespoke stilettos will take you…

2 - Sparkling Stars Chasing dreams is never easy but when you have great friends and gorgeous Hollywood actors to hang out with, the journey is a whole lot smoother.

3 - Sparkling Souls Chasing dreams is all well and good, but when dreams become reality, will the bubble burst?

“Megan Rose Winter did what?” Sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do and to hell with the consequences.

With a budding shoe design business and a serious crush on a man who’s as alluring and sexy as he is dark and brooding, Megan is riding a roller coaster of emotions and hanging on tight.

But where will life take her? With TV opportunities, a trip to LA and an A-list Hollywood actor who wants to make her his, it’s a good thing she has great friends to keep her grounded—even if they are on the wrong side of sane sometimes.

Throw in a stalker, an adorable Pomeranian, a dangerous documentary and a love that makes her want to dance all night in her sparkly stilettos, and life for Megan is anything but dull, in fact it positively glitters.

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