The Cure
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The Curetells the story of the healing journey of the soul, namely the path of awareness and liberation that every human being must take. A journey that can lead us to understand the essence of who we are, through a quantum leap of consciousness. A journey within ourselves that can heal the wounds of our soul and restore the power of knowing our place as co-creators of our lives.
The author tells of her own personal healing journey and of her encounter with Life Alignment, which is a vibrational energy healing technique but also a way of life. An idea of reality that goes beyond the illusory veil of our mind and leads to the truth of our being and our nature, and to the purpose of or soul.
Myriam writes about her personal growth but also about her professional experience as a researcher, psychotherapist, and Life Alignment practitioner. She describes how the Life Alignment system brings together and converges the latest discoveries in physics, genetics, and medicine with a philosophy, with what psychology once was, and with the wisdom of oriental medicine.
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