Your Easy French Phrasebook 700 Realistic French Phrases for Travel Study and Kids
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Travelling to France can be a dream come true or it can become a challenge of epic proportions mainly due to the language barrier. The French often try to avoid speaking English and a non French speaker is well advised to know at least some basic French phrases or you risk out unique experiences, you might even get taken advantage of!

This 2019 French edition phrase book is written by linguists and professional international teachers who certainly know which phrases will come in handy and those that are seldom, if ever used by regular travelers in France. This French phrasebook only contains useful and realistic phrases and sentences, and is organized in a way that seasoned travelers as well as those with no knowledge of the the language at all can use it in every-day situations. This is not only a French phrase book for travel but you can also use it as your personal French vocabulary builder.

This book includes over 35 categories with over 700 phrases and terms related to traveling, shopping, medical emergencies, crime, help, renting, study, work etc.

This 2019 French edition phrasebook also includes a pronunciation guide and is also designed to help kids and students of the language to expand their French vocabulary and improve the comprehension of the language.

Guide to French Pronunciation
Phrases for Formal & Informal Introductions
Greetings and How to Address People
Phrases for Greeting Friends & Family
Personal Interactions & Everyday Phrases
Flight & Hotel Phrases
Restaurants & Eating Out Phrase
Shopping and Renting
Asking Directions
Transportation Phrases
Medical Issues & Emergencies
Banking Terms & Phrases
Guests, Parties and Invitations
Insurance - Phrases & Terms
Renting and Real Estate
Health and Medical Emergencies
Sports and Wellness
Study and Education
Computer and Social Media
Small Talk!
Work and Business
Travel Phrases
Driving and Renting a Car
Cooking, Food and Diet
Business Terms
Art and Hobbies
Going Out and Entertainment
Crime and Help Phrases
Taxis and Hiring a Car
General Repairs
Culture and Religion
Seasons and Public Holidays
Vacation and Breaking the Ice with Strangers
Legal Terms and Words

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