Bedtime Meditation Stories for Kids Collection: Short Tales & Positive Affirmations for Children and Toddlers to Help Sleep Faster and Relax.
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Help Your Child Relax & Wind Down After a Day Filled with High-Energy Activities with the Most Beloved Meditation Bed Time Stories for Kids!
When it comes to stress and relaxation, your children's needs are no different than yours. When bed time comes, children have an essential need for a comfortable and safe space, so they can shed away their worries and feel loved and happy, so they can doze off faster and sleep better.
That is why sleep meditation rituals have proven to be great tools for the restless child. Meditation can help your little one process concerns, find comfort at night, and release excess energy. And that is what the Children Story Group’s audiobook, “Bedtime Meditation Stories for Kids Collection”, aims to do.
In this audiobook, your child will get some of the best short bed time tales and positive affirmations to help them unwind after a long day of stressful, or high-energy play.
In this wonderful audiobook of bed time meditation stories, your child will:
• Unburden themselves of all their worries from schoolwork or conflicts with siblings, so that they can relax and be at peace
• Fall asleep faster and better, as they dream about wonderful characters from the likes of Hans Christian Andersen and The Brothers Grimm
• Feel safe and comfortable, knowing that they are safe and loved by their mom and dad, as they drift away to dreamland
• And so much more!
Children love a great story. At their age, they are naturally curious and always follow a story to its end. So, why not make bed time even more relaxing by listening to the “Bedtime Meditation Stories for Kids Collection”!
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