Beginner's Guide to Information Marketing - Your First PDF Report (Unabridged)
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Create and sell your first PDF report, step by step. Wishing you could wake up having orders in your email inbox and the freedom to take longer vacations because you had a second source of income? Learn step by step how to make this happen. Doing anything new for the first time is intimidating. So don't try to write your first downloadable report and put it up for sale through trial and error. Discover how to do it right, so it brings in income whether you're at your desk, playing with your kids or basking on the beach. This audiobook offers a practical, easy-to-follow explanation of the following: * Nine benefits of selling PDF reports * Nine advantages and two disadvantages of the PDF format, compared to other information publishing options * Choosing a saleable topic * Crafting an irresistible title * Painlessly writing and formatting the contents * Converting the document to PDF at no cost * Deciding on the price * Setting it up for sale and immediate download * Understanding how you receive the payment * Six powerful ways to attract buyers for your report * A sample press release you can use as a model And each of the above steps can cost you nothing - that's right, $0! Author Marcia Yudkin is a veteran information marketer, having published her first newsletter at the age of 11. She has published 16 conventional books, including a Book-of-the-Month Club selection and another featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and countless audio products and PDF reports. Creator of the Launch Your Information Empire course and nine other multimedia home-study courses, she is known for presenting simple, honest entrepreneurial and marketing advice.
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