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In a battle of wills between Dominant and submissive, who’ll be the one to lose control?

James is my perfect Dom. I’ve landed the job of cleaning his house three times a week. He’s kind, intelligent and handsome, and he knows just how to keep a wilful little brat like me in line. He just has one tiny flaw. James is the ultimate control freak, and that extends to being in control of how he punishes me.

What I really want is to be spanked until I’m breathless and my bottom glows, but James sees that as a loss of control. If he resorts to physical punishment, then as far as he’s concerned, it makes him the loser in our battle of wills. No matter how much I beg or how badly I behave, I can’t make him change his mind.

But now’s my chance. I can see so many opportunities to push his buttons. I know I only have to press the right one and he’ll give me the spanking I crave. It’s a challenge this brat can’t resist, and I’m not going to stop until I’m the one who’s in control—whatever it may take.

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