A girl hunting for truth in a world of lies. An ancient society of monster hunters. A spine-chilling quest for a forbidden book of haunted stories.
When Eliza Winter discovers the hidden room in her missing grandfather’s Gothic house, it turns her world upside down. She knows she shouldn’t read the strange, sinister book she found, but somewhere inside it is the answer to everything she’s been searching for her entire life.
The book’s pages turn on their own, one terrifying tale at a time, and soon, pursued by a terrible ghoul, Eliza’s finds herself in the Grimwytch; the midnight land of monsters.
As the forces of darkness close in, can Eliza defeat the evil at the heart of The Book of Kindly Deaths before becoming a monster herself?
Reviews for The Book of Kindly Deaths
“The tales are delightfully dark and creepy, yet still maintain a sense of wonder and discovery. The monsters are vivid, original, and revealed at the perfect pace.”
“I simply love this book. It’s horror for kids and it’s a story-within-a-story that will keep them up all night with a flashlight.”
“I loved this book! Eldritch Black is a superior story teller! Every character is brought fully to life with very few words, and what a delightfully creepy cast of characters he’s written.”
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