Bullets with Bite - Learn to Create Mouthwatering Word Nuggets (Unabridged)
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Turn words into money with juicy, flavorful copy. Get a delicious return on investment from your marketing pieces after you apply the tips in this concentrated guide to writing captivating bullet points. Most world-class copywriters have mastered the art of listing irresistible little tempters that arouse curiosity and desire. But rarely has that art been analyzed into useful guidelines and suggestions. Bullets With Bite, by copywriting gourmet Marcia Yudkin, helps you craft appetizing bullets for any kind of sales piece - brochures, print ads, web copy, direct mail, catalogs, etc. Learn how to: * Turn raw ideas into delectable, bite-sized morsels * Inject vivid personality into factual data * Add intrigue, punch and oomph * Create aching suspense and desire * Dramatize anything straightforward * Make reading an activity to savor * Use 76 compositional techniques that make readers hungry to buy * Select 14 ingredients that produce a high-class or low-class, formal or informal flavor * Avoid poisonous content pitfalls * Edit for a consistent and appropriate tone * Trigger excitement, involvement and orders Along with every technique are one, two or three scrumptious examples. Reading this ebook is like visiting a dim sum establishment where more and more luscious looking treats keep wheeling by. You'll gorge yourself and emerge a far more capable writer.
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