Dangerous Desire - 7 sexy goodnight stories for adults
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Ludvig is in awe the first time he sees Max leaning against a wall at a party, and he can’t think about anything else... Max with his icy blue eyes, with his wolf-like looks. Max with his reckless driving. Max who goes down on him against a concrete wall outside. But Max’s wild side and the desire Ludvig feels for him is not without danger. Max is the beginning of a new way of being for Ludvig. More pleasure, less denial.
This compilation of short stories includes the following:
Dangerous Desire
The Rider
Cum Online
Welcome to Kitty
The Intern Elena Lund is a pseudonym for a Swedish erotica author who wants her stories to challenge our preconceived ideas of desire and lust, norms and standards. She writes erotica that places the reader in new, unexpected and emotionally charged situations.
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