The Dowager
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Will this tale inspire Downton Abbey The New Era movie premiering on March 18th, 2022?
This small novella, inspired by the series, Downton Abbey reflects the year 1926.
The Dowager deals with poor failing heath, and preparing for a ball in Prague
to be held by Prince Kurrigan , her younger admirer from years ago.
On this festive New Year's Eve, Lady Grantham finds herself avoiding
grand children, but reunites with Isobel Merton (Crawley) to attempt to once
again take control of the Yorkshire County Hospital from Cora Crawley.
The house staff of the Abbey find themselves holders of
a new rumor, which if The Dowager does not contain,
could undermine her attempts to re-gain sway and control over
the village.
Old habits of character return like a seven headed Hydra for
our female Perseus (The Dowager) to attempt to slay.
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