Off the Edge
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Jim Johnson works as a special agent for a secret biological counterterrorist group. After a difficult mission, he is looking forward to a llama packing trip with his longtime girlfriend Heather, in the remote mountains of Washington. The trip is cut short when a dangerous bacterium, resistant to all antibiotics, is set loose in the University of Washington Medical School. How can its deadly spread be stopped and what is the connection with mysterious murders in the Pasayten Wilderness?

The mystery unfolds as we are introduced to a kaleidoscope of exotic characters, including the sexy and sadistic Najma and the nerdy genius Nusmen. The tension builds as all strands of the story develop in parallel: events in the Pasayten, centering on Jim's girlfriend Heather; the spread of the bacteria, and the plans of the terrorist group for the Seattle Bumbershoot festival. Frequent twists and turns in the plot offer the reader a thrilling adventure that will keep you reading well into the night.
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