Two of the most precious things we have is our body and our brain. We don’t have any spare, and it’s precisely for this reason that we have to learn how to keep them in shape.
To avoid premature decay and to ensure that they continue performing well for as long as possible, we must have a healthy lifestyle and know which foods allow us to feel better, in addition to those which instead slow down our functioning and can compromise our wellbeing.
This book will allow you to avoid the most common errors:
- Leaving out the foods that can help you improve your lifestyle
- Forgetting some essential nutrients for our health
- Generating habits that reduce your mental and physical wellbeing
It will help you discover:
- Why our body needs to feed in the correct way
- Which foods help your brain do its best
- How to find the right supplements for today’s diet
In addition, 10 tasty and healthy recipes to introduce into your daily diet.
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